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There are many variations of passages


Imagine being an ancient human without word, without language to talk to each other. Being madly in love with someone without a way to show your affection. Being sympathetic to someone without being able to say your condolences. Being extremely happy for someone without being able to say you were. Until one day you realize […]

The Road Not Taken

In the yellow woods, two roads diverge. One well trotted, the other untried.   Long have some stood, trying to decide between. Some took one, some took the other.   Each laid equally as fair, leading their own way into the distance. I shall be telling this with a sigh, that we regret our road […]

Never Stood A Chance

Through the hills and valleys. I never stood a chance. Through despair and agony. I never stood a chance.   The hardships I faced. The battles I charged. The mercy I was shown. The charity I showed. All for naught.   In the coldest winter days, I remained hopeful of warmth. In the hottest summer […]

The Rain

Rain pours Down the street To the drains With majestic powers   It rains for what seems to be hours I just sat watched and listened As the rain off the ground glistened Moonlight cascaded over each drop   “Maybe it won’t ever stop” I thought while looking out the window I was whisked away […]