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There are many variations of passages

Never Stood A Chance

Through the hills and valleys. I never stood a chance. Through despair and agony. I never stood a chance.   The hardships I faced. The battles I charged. The mercy I was shown. The charity I showed. All for naught.   In the coldest winter days, I remained hopeful of warmth. In the hottest summer […]

The Rain

Rain pours Down the street To the drains With majestic powers   It rains for what seems to be hours I just sat watched and listened As the rain off the ground glistened Moonlight cascaded over each drop   “Maybe it won’t ever stop” I thought while looking out the window I was whisked away […]

The End

Whoever thought the world would end? Not me that is for sure. I would never of imagined losing everything in a blink of eye. Whenever I thought of the world ending, I imagined that it would include the end of me. It is weird to not hear a single sound from another human person, animals […]