Month: October 2018


Being a kid, wishing to get older. You begin by wanting life to speed up and get past the boring parts but without realizing some of the best years pass by in that blur. First day of school, first friends, first kiss, so many firsts that you’ll never experience for the first time ever again. […]

I Won’t Forget

Waves of memories Flood in and out Memories of histories Flood in and out I get told about my life I get told about my wife I get told about my strife I get told and told and told Waves of memories Flood out Memories of histories Flood out People talk and talk I can’t […]


From a place I came from before A place I remember and adore To a place so dark, empty, cold Where no one leaves the same: Takes the young, takes the old Takes the weak, takes the bold Takes the happy, takes the cold Who you are is not to blame Everyone comes to this […]