Song of the Sea

Looking over the water onto the sea, I think of memories that used to be. Memories that seem to be fading day to day like the tide of the ocean. Once in awhile the tide would be close and I would remember everything and others moments where the tide back and hidden in the fogs where I can slightly remember the feeling of long ago. When I realized one day that the tide grew further and further recessed in my mind, I pulled out a book and wrote of my time.

My time as a sailor on the sea where I sailed far and wide delivering supplies and necessities. I remember going from the city to city selling fresh fish, seashells and exports from other towns. The people I met were all nice and always unique in their own ways. What I would do to go back to those days out there on the sea. To smell the fresh breeze off of the salt water, to feel the rays of sun as I worked long and hard to maintain my ship. Alas those days are no more as I sit here and look at the shore.

I still fish every once in awhile. Whenever I get the strength to get up and limp down to the dock. As I got down there I would cast the line and watch the sailors prepare for their voyages across the sea, I wish I could join them. Or even see sailors get back from their expeditions and walk past with out paying any attention to me. Every time I feel slighted that I couldn’t do such as them anymore but then I remember that my time has came and gone. Now I just sit here and fantasize of what used to be as I listen to the song of the sea.

Written by David