Imagine being an ancient human without word, without language to talk to each other. Being madly in love with someone without a way to show your affection. Being sympathetic to someone without being able to say your condolences. Being extremely happy for someone without being able to say you were. Until one day you realize that for all of these things a pulse, a beat inside of you changes. Whenever you are madly in love with someone this internal beat quickens and trembles a bit inside of you. Whenever you are feeling emotions of sadness or sympathy your internal beat slows down into a dull throb. Whenever you are happy you’re internal beat increases in speed and continues with a steady beat. This beat you feel, you wonder if those around you feel it to. You come up with an idea.

One day you sit next to the person you admire so dearly as you are harvesting food. Slightly you start beating your chest to match your heartbeat. The person next to you looks at you confused at first and then slowly comes into recognition of what you are doing. They take their hand and start mimicking their own internal beat. At first you are scared of their tempo which was too slow to display the same affection but soon they quicken their tempo to yours. At this recognition you rejoice and start spreading your beat to other people as well. Soon the whole village is going around and sharing their internal beats to other people and sharing up at points all together to feel this internal beat together.

Imagine years later where this internal beat this internal form of communication evolved. Now to a place where you can share this feeling by incorporating different layers of melodies, of dynamics, of tempos to fully explain what you or what a group of you are feeling. Now a person can listen to your internal beat and know fully what you think and what you feel. If they agree they can be brought closer together at the sound of your internal beat.

Music is what brought us together.

Written by David