The Other Half (Short Story)

Then God made the rib he had taken from the man into a woman and brought her to the man.

Walking this earth on a search, search of the other half. A half that was created from my rib at the beginning of time and left to wander this Earth alone. Leaving me feeling empty, hallow inside. Both created of purpose but lost by the separation of land and time. We wander now and for eternity as we search out for each other, even though we would never know if we found each other.

By pure chance a day comes where we meet and bond. We become friends, talking to each other about our problems and our days. Out of this entire universe we meet, when the slightest alteration in the fabric of space could of torn us apart. I would say it was destiny, but it was something more than that. Space and time bended to make our fabrics collide and stitch together. Something I’m still in awe about.

Oh how different life could’ve been if a leave fell in the wrong spot or I could’ve stepped in the wrong direction. We would’ve never met and this empty hole would still be a void to this day. We would eventually find suitable counterparts but it would never been the same. Each not fitting correctly and flush like me for you. We would learn to live with the differences. We would love the other part like we would’ve loved each other.

Then, again what a beautiful thing that life would move in a direction away from perfection. To find love that doesn’t fit, that isn’t perfect, that has its flaws. To love the other person no matter their imperfections and for them to love us the same. Love has its way to shape us to better people, to teach us valuable lessons we wouldn’t have learned on our own and to humble us in our imperfections. Love is not perfect, but it is strong enough to survive the divide.

I’ve always wondered what leads people to cheating. Do they not realize how painful it is to the other half, to be led into a sense of false security and to have all sense of trust broken in an instant. I’m not in a place to judge because I’m not perfect, no one is. But what is the worth of a love that cannot last through temptation and divide. It can be painful to end a relationship with someone you knew for a long time. But it can be infinitely more painful to be caught being unfaithful as both hearts break and love leaves altogether. Leaving the room empty and void of all connections of what this universe worked so hard to create.

The universe has lead me blindly. I followed because I knew eventually it would lead me to friends, family and relationships I would never have thought to have. I followed because I knew their would be no other way to go. I followed because I knew it lead to you.

Written by David