Month: February 2018

The Rain

Rain pours Down the street To the drains With majestic powers   It rains for what seems to be hours I just sat watched and listened As the rain off the ground glistened Moonlight cascaded over each drop   “Maybe it won’t ever stop” I thought while looking out the window I was whisked away […]

The End

Whoever thought the world would end? Not me that is for sure. I would never of imagined losing everything in a blink of eye. Whenever I thought of the world ending, I imagined that it would include the end of me. It is weird to not hear a single sound from another human person, animals […]


I’ve been to hell and back I’ve been down the withering heights Where people are turned towards their smothering blights Where snakes crawl through and out their slithering lights I’ve seen the inferno Dante calls home I’ve seen it all layer by layer, not missing a single meter Where people can be seen bearing the […]