Month: January 2018

The Prison

I knew something was fishy about this facility as soon as I entered it. No clocks, no calendars, no nothing. Nothing confirmed my suspicions more of this joint than the day Prisoner 4A6F686E736F6E3432 was caught with a count of days he was locked up for on the wall of his cell shortly after he first […]

To The Humans:

The odds of being alive, in this moment right now Are slim to none, and I wonder how We allow vitrole to grow in our hearts To divide us as people into parts By race, by religion, by gender To allow these divisions grow, like a fire with tinder, Into protests, fights and wars between […]


Some questions in life are not supposed to be answered. Some questions in life have no answers. Some questions in life have an infinite amount of answers. Every which way you look, life is full of questions of what, when, why and how. On the search to find the answers: we find more questions. Questions […]


All of the years of us running through the battlefields. All of the years of us trudging through trenches covered in red of the blood of allies and enemies. All of the years of us fighting forward through hills and valleys in quest of cleansing this earth of evil. All of the years tentatively moving […]